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Current Project Members  
ALMIRO Estevão Muitiaca

Age: 15
Responsibility areas: Current Affairs & Innovation, Computer Upkeep Manager
Favourite subjects: History, Portuguese, Philosophy, Geography
Ideal course/career: Public Administration, Government
ALMIRANTE de Alfredo Matata

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Teacher of IT Level 2 (LOGO), Sports
Favourite subjects: Design, Physics, Maths, Portuguese
Ideal course/career: I.T. Engineering
Almirante is a very thoughtful member; he always comes prepared and contributes with his ideas and thoughts.

He has a lot of pride in the project and spends time thinking about how to improve and expand. With his own IT classes he is a diligent and patient teacher for the other students.

Clearly a very motivated and ambitious student, Almirante has a very bright future ahead of him.

On first impression Almiro appears very reserved and serious – which he is – but he has another more fun side that comes out on other occasions.

He is very interested in politics and events happening in the world, which is evident by his selections for the current events classes, which he leads passionately and charismatically.

A thoughtful and proactive member, he is constantly finding ways to improve.

Full of energy, Bassma lights up every room she walks in. A busy girl – school, working at her mum’s shop and full project member – she may comment on how tired she is but never acts or looks it! She is always positive, always smiling, laughing and joking.

Additionally, she manages to stay on top of everything, from schoolwork to organizing events to leading the monthly social debates. Being the youngest member has no effect on her confidence or ability to contribute.

BASSMA Momade Nur Khan

Age: 14
Responsibility areas: Social Debates, Events, Sports
Favourite subjects: Portuguese, French, English, Philosophy
Ideal course/career: Tourism

Fauzia is a confident and passionate member. She contributes to the project with her enthusiasm and optimism, always bringing joy to those around her.

She has taken great care and responsibility with her students and excels at teaching. Always up to have fun as well and contribute to the project, she finds ways to make even mundane things like cleaning interesting!
FAUZIA Hafiz Jamú

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Teacher of Reading & Writing for Kids, Project Library Manager
Favourite subjects: Philosophy, Geography, History, Maths
Ideal course/career: Development

MAGDA Bruma Janfar Incequesse

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Teacher of Reading & Writing for Kids
Favourite subjects: Physics, Biology, Maths, Philosophy
Ideal course/career: Medicine
Being around Magda is like taking a breath of fresh air. She has a calming presence, always appears well put-together and always smiling. She works naturally with children in her reading and writing classes and has a patience that is perfect for a teacher.

Though she may appear on the quieter side, she lets her opinion be known and does not back down from saying what she means to say at all project functions.

MARTINHO Francisco Jorge Adriano

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Current Affairs and Innovation, Project Library Manager
Favourite subjects: Physics, Maths, English, Design
Ideal course/career: Electronics

Clearly a very bright student, Martinho has a very keen intellectual curiosity. During meetings, classes, and events he is often quiet until the last minute, when he asserts his opinion in a very deliberate and thought-provoking manner.

He is also very proactive and dedicated to expanding and organizing the project library; a task he takes on with great pride and responsibility.

NAIZA Germano Langa

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Voz Jovem newsletter, Teacher of Ler e Aprender
Favourite subjects: Maths, Biology, Portuguese
Ideal course/career: Psychology or Medicine
As one of the returning members, Naiza exudes confidence and leadership in all her roles. In every class, every debate, every meeting, Naiza is not afraid to say her opinion, offer advice, and help others.

Her generosity and her love of people is obvious – she is always happy, always talking, singing, dancing. But that is almost a distraction from the other Naiza, the more serious student who has big dreams for the future and excels in her schoolwork.

RIQUITO Domingos A. Zacarias

Age: 18
Responsibility areas: Teacher of Reading & Writing for Kids, Sports
Favourite subjects: Portuguese, Philosophy, Maths
Ideal course/career: Engineering
Riquito is an enthusiastic member of the project and is clearly passionate about teaching younger students on the island.

He is also an avid sports enthusiast and is interested in organizing fun outdoor recreational and cultural activities for young people on the island. He is also a very generous young man, always willing to lend a helping hand or give advice.

SOFANIAS José Caetano

Age: 15
Responsibility areas: Teacher of IT Level 1 (Windows + Word), Capoeira Mestre
Favourite subjects: Portuguese, English, French
Ideal course/career: Law
Partly because his school is – for better or worse – next door to the project, Sofanias is in and around the project daily. As one of the IT teachers, he takes great pride in the computers that the project offers and can often be found cleaning and re-organizing the space.

He is indispensable as a go-to for help on most matters about the computers and other things. Though quiet at times, he is starting to become more outgoing and assert his opinion in a group setting.

TANIA Aly Saïde

Age: 16
Responsibility areas: Presentations / Workshops, Teacher of Ler e Aprender
Favourite subjects: Biology, Portuguese, Chemistry
Ideal course / career: Psychology or Medicine

Tania is another returning member and is enormously generous with her help and her knowledge of the island and the project.

A very calming and patient person, Tania is a wonderful teacher and role model for the younger students.

She is also a very dedicated girl, interested in many topics and paths as evident in her selection of different speakers for project presentations.
SAULO Fonseca Afonso Mavota

Age: 21
Responsibility areas: Kids’ English
Favourite subjects: Biology
Ideal course/career: Management or Engineering
As an honorary member, Saulo is an important part of the Projecto Oceano family. He brings fun and the laughter to classes, meetings, events – but has a more serious side and an opinion to be heard. He is dedicated to the project and helps out whenever necessary.

He finished secondary school and is currently pursuing distance learning on the island.

Meet Projecto Oceano's current project members! The project's talented, hardworking and inspiring students who organise and run Projecto Oceano's classes, activities and events.